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An illustration of people playing sports together, having fun, and listening to music.
The Toolbox: Movement-Based Design Cards

To bridge the challenging breadth of the combined fields of design, sports & movement, and technology, we have developed an accessible and well-rounded toolbox of embodied design methods. This toolbox, a collection of Design Method Cards, provides a user-friendly approach to guide design activities. Each card details the method's goal, procedure, use contexts, constraints, and variations. They also feature visual aids such as videos, pictures, and graphics for better understanding.

The method cards are categorised into five types:

  1. Mood Setters: Activities to set the creative mood for a design session, including icebreakers, warm-ups, and team-building activities.
  2. Movement Methods: Design methods for sensitising designers, ideating, evaluating/polishing, or documenting solutions.
  3. Movement Concepts: Chunks of knowledge from various fields to inform your design solutions.
  4. Modifiers: Cards to tweak the current design activity or find new perspectives and solutions.
  5. Instruction Cards: Detailed instructions for the various cards, facilitation guidelines, suggestions for music, physical props, and sketched design flows.

The method cards will be available in a method card toolbox and via our web service. We will provide sorting functions for planning design activities based on various factors like the time required, the embodied focus of the method, number of participants, and preparation efforts. Furthermore, we will provide guidance for facilitation and instructional videos.